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Top Things That Recruiters Look For

If you can make it through the first round of interviews and be invited for the second round, you should be pretty safe. If you receive a call from the hiring manager you will be expected to perform on the job. As a candidate, you should be well prepared and able to articulate what your experience and skills are that would be of most value to the company.

How Good Were You At Your Previous Job

How good were you at it? Good enough to get the job? Good enough to make you a valuable hire? How good do you want to be at it? Good enough to stand out in a crowded job market? Good enough to get the job, but better to get a better position if there is an opening? Empower the recruiter to know what you’ve done. Show that your resume is filled with hard, authentic work and that it is representative of your true career experiences.

What is your experience overall?

Do you have any specialized qualifications? What would make you a great fit for the position? What do you like the most and least about the job? Why is this job a great fit for you?

Any Gaps In Your Employment?

Make sure that you pay careful attention to the resume you send in. Even the most talented of recruiters may have difficulty identifying a solid resume with many months of change in your employment status. You may also want to make sure that you were aware of any legal ramifications if you were to make a major change in jobs after initially applying. Always complete the resume with the words “qualified” and “best” in the objective box, and always underline these words in the body copy.

Nice Visually-Appealing Resume

Be Unique Be yourself, but make sure your resume is unique. Every company has a different look and feel and hiring managers look for resumes that will meet their needs and help them choose from the large stack they receive every day. If you use the same resume format, it does not make for a good selling point.

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